4 Amazing Landing Page Examples for Higher Conversions

When it comes to creating the best landing pages, businesses should find the perfect combination of elements to capture their potential customer’s attention and get them to take a trip down conversion lane. Since modern consumers are frequently distracted by homepages, the need for well-crafted landing pages that focus on a single CTA and are […]

Why Young Businesses Should Invest In SEO From Day One

According to a recent study by Hubspot, organic search equates to 94% of all web traffic, and the first position in Google accounts for 34.36% click-through-rate on desktop and 35% for mobile. If you are a new entrepreneur with a freshly built website, it can be hard to get any traction with Google in the […]

The 12 Types of Landing Pages: Choose the Right one to Maximize your Conversion

  Everyone is talking about them. They have become an essential tool for marketers and online business owners when it comes to promotions. They are an effective one-click solution to maximize your conversion quickly and easily. We presume you have guessed so far: they are landing pages. The first question is: Are the land pages […]

7 Marketing Strategies to Increase Referrals

A business that runs on referrals can thrive even if you promote it. This means that there are enough people who believe the brand that they are willing to push it to their family and friends. But this doesn’t happen overnight. There are things that you must do so that potential referrers will do this […]

How to build a website in 2019: Web design basics for beginners

How to build a website in 2019: Web design basics for beginners Either you want to create a website for your own business or you are thinking about changing your career and trying something new as a web design, you are in the right place. The only problem could be that you are an absolute […]

capture leads

How to capture leads on your website

To capture leads on your website is CRUCIAL for the success of any business. Leads are the first step to get that essential revenue. No leads, no sales! So, it’s no surprise that the major goal of most websites is to capture leads. The first step to achieve this is getting the attention of people […]

Finding the right platforms and tools to build your eCommerce site

Finding the right platforms and tools to build your eCommerce site    If you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to set up an online store, you’ll know that it’s a really exciting time. You’ll also know that it can be an overwhelming time, too. With so many routes to take, it’s hard to feel […]

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What is a Landing Page? Everything you need to know

Landing pages play a huge role when it comes to online marketing and running an eCommerce business.  They are used for capturing any kind of leads which is essential for online sales. Also, you can implement landing pages for blogs, webinars, and podcasts. They will help you to increase your conversion rate and make it […]

How to get web design clients

Web design clients are usually not easy to get, so this is something that would concern any web designer.  You may have great skills when it comes to web design but this doesn’t automatically get you clients. In fact, there’s a lot more to it and how you market yourself plays a huge role. If […]