Release notes | 18 September

We have promised a month ago that we will be bringing you a lot of improvements when it comes to our widgets. So today we are presenting new files upload widget and updated video widget. Learn more about these functionalities in our latest release notes. File upload Widget Building a business is a two way […]

Release notes | 28 August 2020

  Release notes Earlier this August we talked about the benefits of having custom widgets and meta-tags, and now we are bringing some cool improvements for the agencies and some really useful new features in Editor.   Webshop improvements We are happy that many agencies are using DragDropr as a quick and easy solution to create […]

Release notes, 14 August 2020

 14 August, 2020 Release notes In the past two weeks, we were able to improve some of our features regarding meta data, in order to make your pages more visible, and create customazible widgets, so that your pages can have a more comprehensive structure.  Build your custom widget Using premade solutions is easy and quick […]

Release notes – July 2020.

As e-commerce is on the major rise, in the past two weeks we have been focused a lot on how to make your Web Shop more appealing to your customers. We are sure you will appreciate some of the added or changed features that you can find in our latest release. Learn about them bellow.

Release notes, DragDropr eCommerce solution

This week we have a major release!!! DragDropr InstaShop!!! The whole world was already going online, and the eCommerce business has been plummeting for some time now. We have been working on this for some time now.. But with the whole COVID situation, eCommerce has exploded. And we knew that this is something that most […]

Release Notes – May, 2020

With a lot of things going on, and some team changes we have missed to inform you of all the changes and progress we have made at DragDropr!! It’s just been too long since we have released We are sorry for that 🙁 From now one, you can expect 1-2 Release notes per month. So, […]

New Publishing System Introduced to DragDropr

Release version: 1.2.1 Editor version: 2.1.0 Dashboard version: 2 Backend version: 1.8 Chrome widget version: 1.2.6 Date of release: 2019.30.07   The new release version of DragDropr has upgraded the publishing system which makes our publishing flow much easier and more intuitive.   New publish flow makes it much more easier to publish on your […]

Release notes 1.2

Release version: 1.2.0 Editor version: 2.1.0 Dashboard version: 2 Backend version: 1.8 Chrome widget version: 1.2.6 Date of release: 2019.05.07 General improvements: TinyMCE – the inside borders have been removed The right sidebar is hidden by default and appears when a widget is being dragged Content blocks and templates can be filtered by tags Fixes: […]

New Release! DragDropr editor 2.0

Exciting times here in DragDropr central 🙂 Improved DragDropr editor V 2.0 now launched!   Apart from the improved editor design, version 2.0 brings new functionalities, improved usability and wider “working” area with our new floating panels. Now, it’s also easier to access to our Free full page Templates and Content blocks.   DragDropr Floating […]

Undo-redo feature NOW live in DragDropr page builder editor

New DragDropr feature released. Long awaited Undo / Redo you guys asked from us! This was not an easy task to do. A lot of mapping needed to be done. Many widgets, and the way how they “interact” gave our coders a proper challenge – they loved! Now you can easily retrace your steps through […]