Release notes 13th May 2021

Release notes | 13 May 2021 We have prepared new widgets for you.  HEADER  Headers are crucial to a well-structured website page and you should use them. Correction – you need  to use them Here are some reasons why do you need to pay attention how your Header looks like: Headers Make Pages Scannable Headers help […]

Release notes, February 2021

Release notes 26th February 2021

We’re excited to announce that we add Navigation Widget and Link group widget. One of the most important functions that will contribute to good SEO is easy navigation and link building. We know how these widgets could save your time and energy. Navigation Widget This lets you build navigation for your pages/websites in just a […]

Release Notes 12 February 2021

In this deployment, we have made a series of improvements to our page builder to make it easier and faster for you to build better pages. Speed improvements We have made our builder lighter and more responsive. Our focus is to provide the best possible experience. If your job is to build webpages and landing […]

27 January 2021 Release notes

Release notes 27 January 2021

 27 January 2021 Release notes Now we can release a big update to its Shopify integration. The main goal was to make it easier for the existing Shopify to install and start using DragDropr.  Shopify Integration – steps Now you can install DragDropr on with just a click or two and start building right away […]

15 costs to consider before starting dropshipping

15 costs to consider before starting dropshipping

 12 January 2021 15 costs to consider before starting dropshipping Dropshipping is an awesome way of running an online store without investing in a warehouse full of stock. It’s a popular option for selling products online as people look to make more money from the comfort of their homes, and thanks to the rise of […]

Release Notes 29 Dec 2020

Widgets in first row – drag handle on toolbox We have added the ability to move the toolbox of the first widget when having multiple ones on the same page. This helped solve all the inconsistencies when configuring multiple widgets. Widget builder – added a template for JS code We take great pride in our […]

Release notes | 26 October 2020

Easier Access to your Widgets Since we have added so many widgets lately, it is now time for you to be able to organize them according to your needs. There is now a Widget library! Select widgets you want to see in your DragDropr page builder. Make sure to include the ones you usually use […]

How to design your own website (if you are not a web designer)?

How to design your own website (if you are not a web designer)? Starting a new business can become very overwhelming very fast. Having a great business idea is just the first step. Setting up a website, adding a webshop to it, working on marketing, taking care of logistics, and everything else in between can […]

Release notes | 7 October 2020

Have you ever organized a giveaway for your customers?  When you organize an interesting giveaway, you can improve many aspects of your business, and we are not talking only about sales, but also social media exposure, a number of leads, or increased customer loyalty. In our latest release notes, we are presenting some updated and […]