Shopify users can save time.

Enhance your webshop content by adding easy-to-use personalization features.

DragDropr is a powerful drag & drop editor. It lets you build new web pages, create articles and blogs, add and customize new products. Easy and quickly.

When you integrate DragDropr in your Shopify store, you will simplify business processes and make the creation of content much faster and easier. You or your content managers will be able to build beautiful pages in a fraction of a time you had needed before. The available widgets will give you many more options to make the look of your store unique and establish your own brand.

Reach your shoppers on any screen.

You can control the responsitivity of any screen size and specifically adapt your web content for mobile devices, desktop and tablet users. Anything you see in the preview mode can be saved with just one click and will look the exact same in the live mode.

Design the perfect landing page for any product.

Just imagine your perfect landing page and create it by simply dragging and dropping items like pictures, headlines or texts to your site. You can also use or edit the pre-provided content blocks to save even more time. No coding skills or web design experience needed!

Create and customize your products and product pages

With DragDropr you can easily drag & drop any new product to a page. Enable or disable specific product elements like images, descriptions, prices etc. The add-to-cart-button puts your product directly in your Shopify cart. You just have to drag & drop or point & click, all the heavy work is done by DragDropr.

Special features for Shopify

Make the most of the products in your webshop.

  • Create native Shopify pages, product pages, or blog pages directly within DragDropr interface.
  • Add a new product by simply dragging & dropping it to DragDropr.
  • Use our special widget and the add-to-cart button puts your product directly in the Shopify cart. 
  • Enable or disable specific product elements like product images, product names, descriptions, prices any many more with just one click.

Make the most out of your store! 30 days free trial - no credit card required!