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build pages with zero code and publish them without hassle.

When It Comes To Publishing New Content

Creating Pages Using Clunky CMS

Coding Pages By

Hiring Expensive Programmers To
Do It For Them

That’s What DragDropr Is For

The only drag-and-drop page builder that works with any platform

Fully Responsive Landing Pages

 Unlimited Pages And Pageviews

Premium Templates And Content Blocks

Add Users To Projects

Chrome Extension To Edit Pages On The Go

Ultra-Fast Loading On Any Device

Grab Pure HTML Code To Use Anywhere

Access Beautiful Page Templates And Content Blocks

100+ beautifully designed templates and 300+ content blocks to create modern landing pages, product pages and more. All templates are free to use. Add your own templates, exclusive to your clients.

Upgrade Your Product With Our Easy-To-Use
Page Builder

DragDropr makes creating landing pages and content super simple. Empower your users to create pages that look great, load fast and can be published anywhere, without ever leaving your product or platform.

DragDropr Is Perfect for...

CMS platforms

E-commerce platforms

Marketplace sites

Portfolio sites

If your product allows users to publish and update pages, DragDropr can save them precious time

Dan Iavorszky
Local Web

I really appreciate that DragDropdr comes with pre-built Content Blocks, making it really easy for me to make a high performing landing page quickly, and it allows me to customize it entirely as well, if I wish so. Also I want to have full control over the coding or design or if i want to leave my team working on the pages, i am covered with DragDropr. And one more thing... i can export full html pages with all the resources if i choose so (beat this Leadpages/ClickFunnels).

Make Building Pages This Simple

Pick one of our 100+ professional
templates to match your style

Drag content blocks to make
things look exactly how you want

Publish to your CMS or get the
code and use it anywhere

Empower Your Users With An Easy To Use Visual Builder

You can design by just dragging and dropping. Break free of restricting themes and building pages without knowing what they’ll look like ‘til you hit Publish.

Looks Like Your Own Team Built It.

DragDropr is 100% white-labeled — Once in your product, it looks like you’ve built it in-house. Content is hosted in our servers or your servers/CMS.

Includes a Form Builder, Slider Widgets And More…

DragDropr has the first ever widget builder. It allows users to easily create custom specific widgets to match their site’s look and feel.

Flexible Publishing Options.

Give your clients full control of where and how to publish their pages. Publish pages to your platform, as iFrames, pasting clean HTML code or simply publishing to a connected domain.

“We are FINALLY able to generate repeating landing pages for our campaigns with much less effort. And we can use the snippets on all our sites, not just on one shop. Thanks for the amazing support!”

Patrick R.
E-Shop Guide

DragDropr customers say


Bora Uslusoy

“ "I am a distance learning expert and I help others to create online courses. I believe Dragdropr is an awesome tool that I use every day in my projects." ”


Anton Sheker

"got dragdropr few days ago.. decided to play with it last night and make a landing page.. and the result i got was even faster than my previous amp page for one of my sites.. I have never gotten 100% on performance.. til now "


Alex B.


“This extension is an absolute MUST-HAVE! When we create a Magento project, we usually make many widgets for the customers to build beautiful content. DragDropr saves us a lot of time.”


Arturs K.


“Love this extension! Works perfectly and it is very easy to use. Didn't experience any issues and it was a very smooth experience.”

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