What you see
is what you REALLY get!

DragDropr lets you create, edit and design the content for your website, webshop, or any other web content by simply dragging and dropping. It does not matter which CMS you use - DragDropr fits them all.

Free trial, no credit card required!

Creating web content can be frustrating.

Have you ever worked with a typical WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor? Then you know that what you see is usually not what you get. Most of the common editors don't even create fully responsive content. Many times (especially if you don't have the sufficient technical know-how) you have to hire a professional developer and/or web designer to finally get the web page or web content you had initially desired.

We offer a stress free solution!

With DragDropr, no prior knowledge or coding skills are required. You can build entire pages, or quickly change any existing content with a simple drag & drop action. Just log in to your account and edit anything you want.

If you need to make some quick changes, just load the visual interface over your existing page. Then, simply drag and drop and create the web content as you want it to be.

To create a new blog post, build an entire page, or any other web content, just click the "Add" button. Use our intuitive interface to build all the web content you need. In the end, DragDropr will do all the coding on its own and add the new or edited content to your web site.

See the changes you make in real time

Unlike most WYSIWYG editors, DragDropr guarantees to show the results you actually see on your screen. The way you create and see the content on your screen will be the finalized look of your page. What you see is what you REALLY get. Guaranteed!

Reach your audience on any screen

DragDropr automatically generates 100% responsive content. So no matter if you use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - your content will look stunning on any device and on any display size.

Customize your page & build unique content

We offer more than 200 pre-designed and fully editable content blocks. You can also build one totally from scratch. That gives you a wide range of possibilities to customize your web pages, webshop products or any other web content. The content blocks automatically follow the defined CSS style of your website.

Work whenever you want, and wherever you want

Our browser plugin instantly puts a visual interface overlay over the content you want to edit. By using the plugin, you can create new pages or make changes to your existing content instantly, from anywhere in the world.

Genuine HTML code supports your SEO

All the changes you make will be stored as genuine HTML code. This helps improving your SEO and allows you to change your theme or template instantly. You can work on your content without any problems or visual bugs.

Cross system usability

  • DragDropr is an enhancement to create content on any system that uses a WYSIWYG editor.
  • With the help of our browser plugin, you can browse through the frontend of your website or webshop and make the changes you want in an instant, simply by clicking a button.
  • You can also embed content in your backend by using the HTML embedding option - if for any reason you can't make the changes directly.
  • Our work is not done yet. We are consistently introducing new native plugins for the most popular CMS (e.g. WordPress) and eCommerce systems (e.g. WooCommerce, Magento 1 & 2, Shopify, Lightspeed). You want us to introduce DragDropr to a certain CMS? Just tell us what you need.

What you see is what you REALLY get!