Your shop, your design

Build a product page that sells.

DragDropr seamlessly integrates with your webshop

DragDropr is built to work on top of any CMS which uses a native WYSIWYG editor on ANY page, product category, or product page! It is a simple SaaS (Software as a Service) application which will give you an option to build any kind of webshop content without having any coding or web designing skills.

If - for any reason - you can not integrate DragDropr into your webshop, there is an easy solution called HTML embed. That way you can simply create the content in DragDropr and export the HTML code to the backend of your webshop afterwards.

Reach your shoppers wherever they are

DragDropr automatically generates content adjusted to the shopper's screen size. DragDropr generates responsive content automatically adapted for Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet users. It provides a preview in real time, so you don’t have to worry about the broken web content, broken lines or missing text anymore.

DragDropr enables you to customize and diversify your content exactly how you need to.

DragDropr gives you full power to implement your content marketing strategy.

You have the ability to build, design and edit any part of your web content with an intuitive, easy to use drag & drop visual interface.

Take the chance and be unique. Impact your targeted market(s) and create your own and longlasting USP.

Special solutions for webshops

Specialized product widget - make the most of the products in your webstore:

  • Add a new product by simply dragging and dropping it to your page.
  • The add-to-cart button puts any product directly in your shopping cart.
  • Enable or disable specific product elements (images, description, price etc.) with only one click.

Completely redesign your webshop by using some of DragDropr widgets:

  • Create native pages, articles, or blog pages directly within the DragDropr interface.
  • Add multiple sliders to your homepage, or any content page.
  • Create new and unique landing pages and promotions.

No credit card needed. No long-term contract terms.