Grow the sales in your Lightspeed webshop

Provide content pages specifically designed to fulfill the needs of your customers.

DragDropr is a tool that allows you to create, design, or edit your any content in your webshop.

No prior knowledge, coding skills or web design experience needed. Create a beautiful landingpage or product page by adding various elements (e.g. product images, product texts, prices, meta descriptions) with drag & drop action. It's as easy as 1-2-3: if you own a mouse (or trackpad) you can work with DragDropr. From any place, anytime. 

Money saving solution.

With the help of he DragDropr, our instructions and - if necessary - our support, you will no longer have any needs for expensive digital agencies, web designers or coders. You will be able to create any content in your Lightspeed HQ webshop quickly & without any prior knowledge of content management.

Be flexible, create and edit your content  instantly

Instead of creating short-codes (like many other content editors do), DragDropr converts and saves the whole content you create into genuine HTML code. This feature enables you to create, change, and edit your content in the backend of your Lightspeed CMS as well. You can even import a completely new theme without making any prearrangements in regards to your content. All the pages you have created in DragDropr will automatically and fully adapt to the look of the new theme because it uses its CSS definitions.

Save time & use DragDropr

Don't waste hours trying to add a slider to your page, just to realize that the final result is not what you wanted it to be. Simply drag and drop a new slider or any other web content by using DragDropr. We guarantee you that it will work every single time. 

DragDropr facts:

  • Creates genuine HTML code and stores it in the backend, while you make all the changes in the frontend.
  • The browser plugin allows you to make any changes - like editing and designing your content - anytime and from anywhere.
  • More than 200 pre-built content blocks provide you the possibility to create content pages even faster.
  • Creates 100% responsive content automatically with no coding required.

Special features for Lightspeed

Make the most of the products in your store.

  • Create native Lightspeed pages, product pages, or blog pages directly within the DragDropr interface.
  • Add a new product by simply dragging & dropping it to DragDropr.
  • Use the special widget - the add-to-cart button puts your product directly to your Lightspeed HQ cart.
  • Enable or disable specific product elements like product images, product names, product description, product prices any many more with one click.

Make the most out of your store: 30 days free trial & no credit card required!