Social Proof and Its Importance to Your eCommerce Business

Social proof is an extremely important part of any eCommerce business. People don’t have the time to buy and test every product out there by themselves. Therefore, we often rely on the experience and opinions of others so that we make a better shopping decision. Social proof could come about in several different ways and […]

Explaining Sales Funnels and Their Importance

Sales Funnel is a very important concept that any business should be aware of. If you are selling products, it’d be beneficial to be familiar with multiple aspects that take part in the process. A big part of the whole process is the customer i.e. potential buyers and their shopping experience. What you need to […]

How to Make Your Magento Store Efficient and Increase Sales

If you have great products to sell, that’s obviously an excellent start for your online business and use of Magento. However, it’s not just about having great products but what’s also important is how you present them. When potential customers come across your stuff, the visuals play a big role. The visuals can make a […]

7 Landing Page Trends to Boost Conversions in 2019

Landing pages are one of, if not the most important lead conversion tool in a digital marketer’s arsenal. They drive traffic, improve SEO, build your brand, and boosts conversion. For this reason, marketers spend a lot of time and resources testing and optimizing their landing pages. In order to truly optimize landing pages, however, they […]

Top 3 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Landing page mistakes are costly. Sure, your ads might be getting a lot of clicks but those mean nothing if your landing page isn’t optimized for conversions. And brands lose thousands of dollars due to costly landing page mistakes that could have been avoided in the first place. Here, we talk about the top three […]

Top Web Design Forums to Master Your Skills

As a web designer, you may find yourself frequenting web forums about web design. They provide you with an avenue where you can exchange and discuss your ideas with other web designers and gain industry-exclusive knowledge to improve your skills. Forums are a perfect place for you to interact with other members of the community […]

Key Landing Page Statistics that Will Skyrocket Your Conversions

When designing landing pages, marketers typically spend a large amount of time planning, executing, testing, analyzing, and improving their results. As we continue to find the best-performing pages that truly convert, we find ourselves having to design and redesign landing pages and test them again. This is a continuous process. The performance of each page […]

Best Practices for Perfect Landing Page Forms

Landing page forms are one of the most important parts of a landing page. When done the right way, you gain plenty of new leads and generate more sales for your business. But when done the wrong way, you risk losing your chances at converting and attracting new customers. When designing a landing page, it […]

Best eCommerce Landing Page Examples to Get Inspired

Today, we present you with some of the best landing page examples in e-commerce. These examples will help you figure out why some landing pages convert and help you create your own. Design matters, after all. But they also have to have the correct elements used correctly for your landing page to convert. Best Landing […]