Release notes, DragDropr eCommerce solution

This week we have a major release!!!

DragDropr InstaShop!!!

The whole world was already going online, and the eCommerce business has been plummeting for some time now. We have been working on this for some time now..

But with the whole COVID situation, eCommerce has exploded. And we knew that this is something that most of our clients need now.. So expedited, we present you DragDropr online shop solution V1. 🙂

With our solution, you don’t even have to change your website, you can simply embed our online shop to your site.

We made everything as simple as possible. Create products in just a few clicks, connect your payment provider, shipping.

Do you want to check it out?

Our Online shop solution comes with a 30day free trial, and you cancel it anytime. It workes as an add-on to your current DragDropr plan, and it starts at $9 USD.

Simply click on your profile picture, select pricing, and plans, then select WebShop and op in for a free trial.

Check out the rest of our developments efforts below: 

Like shown below:


  • Forms – users can export all submissions, including old ones, with different form fields, as CSV
  • Remove domain for publishing
  • Global blocks switch
    • Dashboard – on Content blocks page
    • Editor – in start dialog
  • Intercom – send customer plan info
  • Users cannot register with Disposable Email Address providers like YOPmail and others


  • White label login
  • Users cannot register with the same email but UPPERCASE
  • Forgot password works with both lowercase and UPPERCASE email entered
  • Button widget – issue with default popup width/height
  • Fixed issue for users with multiple subscriptions
  • Global blocks with HTML5 elements 

Changed – for changes in existing functionality.

  • User avatar menu to match the account settings menu
  • DD plan upgrade – no need for credit card info when upgrading plan
  • Company switcher – added “add new company” button for each agency
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