Release Notes – May, 2020

With a lot of things going on, and some team changes we have missed to inform you of all the changes and progress we have made at DragDropr!! It’s just been too long since we have released

We are sorry for that 🙁

From now one, you can expect 1-2 Release notes per month.

So, finally, check out what we added/improved in the last month in DragDropr.


Global Block

Global block, and feature that allows you to build WEBSITES with DragDropr 🙂 This is and this is a feature we’ve been working on for a long time!! Now finally released we are looking to hear your feedback on it. We will continue to improve it based on your and our tester feedbacks. So do share your!! 🙂

Instructions video:

This feature allows you to save sections that can be saved as global blocks and reused on other pages.

By using the Global blocks, you can easily change the content on any of your pages containing that content block! Simply change it on one place, and it will be changed everywhere you have it.

Not only that, but you can also practically build microsites with them. Use one global block as a Navigation, and link your pages to it!!!

Uploadcare – Adaptive delivery introduces to further increase the page loading speed!

Lazy loading introduced, this will increase page loading speed even more

Templates – We have added 10 new templates!!! Check them out and give us your feedback!


Form input

  • Users can change the input size of the forms


  • Opt-in for the newsletter added
  • Unsubscribe button and dialog update


  • Users can upgrade their plan themselves 🙂


  • Removed font size setting in the sidebar


  • Updated the input

Company switcher

  • Show all companies
  • Added scroll for easier access

White label

  • Login/register pages UI update


Section sliders

  • Cannot be saved as content blocks


Publish on the domain

  • Republishing on the previous page now works properly


  • Opening code dialog

Content blocks

  • Listing


  • Connect to the second company
  • Signup page


  • Added Uploadcare API key

Section slider

    • Duplicate issue fix
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