Technology Trends of 2020 That You Should Focus On [Infographic]

There are two fundamentals to running a solid venture – business acumen and solid tech infrastructure. Though business acumen is what allows you to make crucial decisions in terms of expansion, funding, fighting competition and others, technology can help you optimize your and your team’s business acumen.

With the rise in disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and more, there are more ways to generate and process data than before.

All these technologies have allowed companies to scale up and revolutionize the market. If you’re wondering which technology you should invest in this year to take complete advantage of your innate business acumen, Simform has come up with a very helpful resource – Technology Trends for 2020.

This super-extensive infographic will give you a visual idea of what technologies will trend in this year and decade and what should be your priorities in terms of tech implementation. With graphs, charts, and insights on market size, takers and research-backed reports, this is the only resource you would need this year to bring in business growth.

Check it out.

Technology trends 2020

Technology trends 2020


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