Release notes: 1.12.2

Release version: 1.12.2 Editor version: 1.9.1 Dashboard version: 2 Backend version: 1.7.0 Chrome widget version: 1.2.6 Date of release: 2018.15.12   General improvements: User management improvements & bug fixes New user Admin panel Available ID’s for all Widgets and Sections – allowing users to create links to these sections/widgets E.G. specific parts of the page […]

Drag & Drop Page Builders: Fast to Build, But Can Kill Your SEO

Not all trends are good for business. In fact, many marketing experts realized that some popular approaches should actually be avoided. For instance, drag & drop page builders using shortcodes may be fast, but they have negative effects on your SEO. Which could ultimately affect your site’s ranking. Today’s Most Common SEO Issues Some SEO experts still […]

How to choose the best Hosting provider

How to choose the best Hosting provider? Partnering with the right hosting service is crucial when building a website. Choose the wrong service and you’ll end up struggling just to get support. Finding a web host, however, is easy if you understand how to choose the right hosting package. In most cases, it’s simply a […]

Do you really need a Landing Page?

A landing page is an essential “tool” for every online marketer. If you have a good landing page design, you can successfully turn website visitors into leads, users or customers. Now, does that answers the question above? I’m gonna guess it does, and if you do need to achieve some of these gals, keep reading! […]

How to increase your Conversion Rate in 9 Simple Ways

A conversion rate is an essential measure of performance, especially for marketing and e-commerce websites. Without conversion, you’re losing profits. Without conversion, your sales copy is useless, and you’re wasting money and time. Conversion Rate Defined You can compute this rate. You’ll need two things: Number of visitors who performed an action Total visitors who […]

7 Principles in Web Design that Boost Conversion

Traverse the web, and you will find any number of tips and tricks designed to help web designers and small business develop a compelling website.  And there is a strong reason for that because web design can boost conversion. Here then, in no particular order, are the seven most important design principles that are likely […]

How to create a landing page that converts!

How to build a landing page that easily converts? We all know that in any situation, the first impression is important. That is why getting a customer to like what a company is trying to offer is necessary for its success. As a result, many businesses are dedicating a lot of money, time, effort and resources […]

Release notes: 1.12.1

Release version: 1.12.1 Editor version: 1.9.1 Dashboard version: 1.9.0 Backend version: 1.7.0 Chrome widget version: 1.2.6 Date of release: 2018.03.10   General improvements: – Improved widget dropping – Added “Fixed” background property and fixed “Background Size” option in page settings – Allow entering “textual” color name (Red, Blue, Green, …) – Allow reauthorizing WordPress integrations […]

Why is genuine HTML code good for SEO?

Search engines have greatly impacted the way businesses operate. More often than not, websites are created and operated with the goal of increasing their search engine results page (SERP) ranking in order to drive traffic and generate more revenue. This is the reason why most webmasters place a high priority on publishing great content as […]