How to create a landing page that converts!

How to build a landing page that easily converts? We all know that in any situation, the first impression is important. That is why getting a customer to like what a company is trying to offer is necessary for its success. As a result, many businesses are dedicating a lot of money, time, effort and resources […]

Release notes: 1.12.1

Release version: 1.12.1 Editor version: 1.9.1 Dashboard version: 1.9.0 Backend version: 1.7.0 Chrome widget version: 1.2.6 Date of release: 2018.03.10   General improvements: – Improved widget dropping – Added “Fixed” background property and fixed “Background Size” option in page settings – Allow entering “textual” color name (Red, Blue, Green, …) – Allow reauthorizing WordPress integrations […]

Why is genuine HTML code good for SEO?

Search engines have greatly impacted the way businesses operate. More often than not, websites are created and operated with the goal of increasing their search engine results page (SERP) ranking in order to drive traffic and generate more revenue. This is the reason why most webmasters place a high priority on publishing great content as […]

DragDropr Lauded as a Top Landing Page Software by Reputed Business Software Directory

Business software review platform FinancesOnline has recently commended DragDropr as a top choice for companies that are looking to easily implement a website design that they have envisioned. In light of this, it is with great pleasure for us to announce that we have earned FinancesOnline’s prestigious awards in two categories: Great User Experience award […]

What is a Drag and Drop editor? Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a Drag-and-Drop Editor?         A picture is worth a thousand words. The saying also holds true in today’s web development landscape as drag-and-drop editors are growing more and more popular as tools for website creation.  Almost every blogging gurus are recommending one, because of their simplicity and easy to use features. Drag-and-drop editors are more […]

The elements of a perfect landing page

Websites are like a chain – it’s only as strong as its weakest link. The content of your website will only matter if you can lead people to other parts of your website. For the most part, the chances of it happening will drastically increase if you have a good landing page. The creation of […]

Release notes: 1.12.0

Release version: 1.12.0 Editor version: 1.9.1 Dashboard version: 1.9.0 Backend version: 1.7.0 Chrome widget version: 1.2.6 Date of release: 2018.27.07 New features: Zapier automation Full Page Templates Available Enhancements: Image compressing and delivery responsive

Release notes 1.11.0

Release version: 1.11.0 Editor version: 1.9.0 Dashboard version: 1.8.0 Backend version: 1.6.0 Chrome widget version: 1.2.6 Date of release: 2018.10.07 New features:  Added “Countdown” widget Added Meta Tag fields to the page settings for SEO and Facebook Added option to add custom scripts to the page settings Enhancements: Image compressing and delivery responsive Bug fixes: […]

How to Skyrocket your Websites in 2018

We asked top 35 digital experts for thair tips on how to skyrocket a website’s traffic and engagement in 2018. Here’s what they came up with.   Daniel Wesley   Entrepreneur, personal finance expert & influencer. Columnist for Forbes and chief evangelist @quote A more abstract thought: Proper strategic planning and prioritization of tasks […]