8 Tips For Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts

The people who write landing page content that converts readers and delivers sales are called conversion writers. They specialize in producing content that grabs the attention of your audience, pulls them in, and makes them do what you need them to do.

The good news for you is that you can easily learn all of the needed skills to be a good conversion writer. Here are eight tips for writing landing page copy that converts.

  1. Use Customer Testimonials

One of the best copywriting techniques doesn’t even involve writing yourself but rather using what was written by your customers. Remember that they are the best conversion writers you could find as social proof is a powerful addition to your marketing strategy.

In order to use customer testimonials, set up Google Alerts to notify you when your company is mentioned online. Once you see a customer review, don’t hesitate to use it on your landing page. The reason why customer testimonials are so powerful when it comes to conversions is that not only the substance matters but also the source. Your potential customers will see what they will experience by using your product or service after reading your current customer’s feedback on it.

  1. Write A Killer Headline

It’s pretty obvious by this point, but it should be said: you need a killer headline. People don’t usually read every word on your landing page, so a great headline will give them a good idea of what they are about to scan or skim through.

Customers pay attention to three things: headlines and subheadings, pictures, and CTA buttons. After that, they may get to such things as major section headings, short paragraphs, bullet-point lists, and image captions. Obviously, these are the things you must focus on the most, but your headline still stands as your priority number one.

Make your headline big, strong, and clear. Use a subheading, large pictures, and a CTA. Don’t forget to caption your images and include bullet-point lists in your copy. By the way, your headline can be a quote from one of your customers about your company.

  1. Emphasize The Benefits, Not The Product

The problem with most of the copywriters create is that it focuses on the wrong things. Instead of emphasizing the benefits of a product or service, they emphasize the product or service itself. This drives away potential customers.

The reason why you can’t sell your products by talking about solutions is that consumers already know all these solutions. Instead, you must talk about the benefits of your product for your customers. They want to know what’s in it for them, so provide them with all the useful information they need. Mention your solution, but don’t push it.

Here are some tools and services to help you with writing your content:

  • Grammarly: This online tool checks your content for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Grab My Essay: This online writing service can write your content for you.
  • Hemingway Editor: This online tool highlights adverbs, passive voice, and complicated sentences in your content and asks you to delete them.
  • Best Essay Education: This is another great online writing service.
  • Plagiarism Checker: This online tool checks your content for plagiarism and provides you with a report.
  1. Keep Your Writing Simple

The best conversion copy you could ever create is simple. It doesn’t have elaborate words and phrases used by Harvard professors. Instead, it gets right to the point and sells.

But being simple doesn’t mean using meaningless buzzwords. You must still be creative. Likewise, there are some phrases you’d rather avoid such as “flexible platform”, “world leader”, “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”, “integrated solutions”, and more. You can read the full list here.

Avoid clichés by using simple sentence structure and keeping your sentences short. Use short words and don’t get fancy with your wording. Find words that are clear and easy to understand.

  1. Use Numbers & Be Specific

The more specific you are, the more believable your copy will sound. If you want to persuade your readers to convert, then you will have to give them real numbers that will signal that your products or services really do work like you promise them to.

Your customers want specific numbers and details about what they will get once they purchase your product or service, so don’t hesitate to give them these! After all, if you are so great, you mustn’t be afraid of showing it to everyone.

  1. Write Like A Human

It’s strange how so many copywriters forget about this simple rule. You don’t need to sound robotic or strained to be heard. On the contrary, if you try to sound like a human, readers will be way more connected to what you wrote and will be more likely to convert.

In order to make your copy sound like a human wrote it, follow these tips:

  • Write the way you speak and use short sentences. Nobody ever talks in paragraph-long, complicated sentences.
  • Instead of trying to sound like a professor, talk like an adult having a conversation with a ten-year-old. Don’t use “convivial”; use “friendly”.
  • Use the first-person and be funny. You are having a conversation with another human being after all!

In addition to the tools and services mentioned above, here are a few more to help you: Focus Writer (a word processor that allows you to focus on writing rather than editing), WOWgrade (an online writing service), Google Docs (a web equivalent of Microsoft Office Word great for teams), and Studicus (another online writing service).

  1. Ask Readers To Take Action

The thing that gets you conversions is called a call to action or a CTA. If you don’t include a CTA, then all that you’ve written can be deemed pointless. All of your copy must be building up to this last part, so keep it in mind from the very start.

Your CTA can come in different forms. Instead of just including it into your text, make it visual too. To help you design your content, you can use DragDropr. After all, your CTA must be of the highest quality just like your copy.

  1. Test Your Copy

Lastly, when everything has been written, test your copy. In order for your work to be successful, you will have to tweak and test, tweak and test until you find the right variation of whatever you’ve been changing.

Some things that may need to be reviewed include your headline, subheadings, CTA copy, and lists of benefits. Start small and then move on to bigger details. You should be confident that your copy works.


To sum up, writing copy for your landing pages may seem scary at first, but once you know what you are doing, you will be on your way to success. Follow the tips in this article and you will create amazing content for your landing pages that will lead to good sales.

Author’s Bio:

Diana Nadim is a writer and editor who has a Master degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Diana also runs her own 3to5Marketing blog. What inspires her the most in her writing is traveling and meeting new people. Follow her on Twitter.

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