Release notes 1.10.0

Release version: 1.10.0 Editor version: 1.9.0 Dashboard version: 1.8.0 Backend version: 1.6.0 Chrome widget version: 1.2.6 Date of release: 2018.06.07 New features Supported Intercom as a customer engagement and lead acquisition platform Chose fonts from Google fonts directly for widgets within a page Added feature “Publish to domain” Supported “Add block” feature on multiple widgets […]

Release Notes 1.9.0

Release version: 1.9.0 Editor version: 1.7.2 Dashboard version: 1.4.1 Backend version: 1.5.2 Chrome widget version: 1.2.5 Date of release: 2018.05.16 New features We now support inject button, a user can now be able to edit any page that contains the TinyMCE rich text editor We now support UploadCare as our image unloader We now support […]

Release Notes 1.8.0

Release version: 1.8.0 Editor version: 1.7.1 Dashboard version: 1.4.0 Backend version: 1.5.1 Chrome widget version: 1.2.4 Date of release: 2018/03/16 New features Created a “Form widgets” and “Submission”  Each submission will receive it’s unique displayed so no matter how much of the same submission user has they will be shown differently User can go to […]

10 Statistics that Prove You Need a Responsive Website Builder

There’s no denying it: websites today need to have responsive content and designs. They need to display well on all screens, not just one or the other. Customers continue to consume content from many different devices. If your business is going to reach them, your site needs to be accessible and responsive on whatever device […]

Release Notes 1.7.0

Release version: 1.7.0 Editor version: 1.7.0 Dashboard version: 1.3.0 Backend version: 1.5.0 Chrome widget version: 1.2.3 Date of release: 02/22/2018 New features: – Chrome widget – Page screenshot Enhancements: – Improved backedn API logic for Chrome widget – User can set title and tag attribute on Image widget – Backend code inside a file is […]

Landing Page Trends for 2018 You Don’t Want to Miss

In the new year, businesses are looking forward at how to improve their brand image this year. Those looking to improve their web design may want to start by updating how they create their landing pages. Landing pages are a killer strategy for optimizing on conversions. Rather than send your customers to navigate your site […]

How to Optimize Your Web Design for More Sales

When designing a website, making it visually-appealing for your audience is only part of the process. You also need it to drive conversions. One report states that “In a crowded market, having a website that simply serves as a brochure is no longer competitive.” Every business owner then needs to ask themselves, does my website […]

Pros and Cons of Drag and Drop Website Builders

When you’re looking to build a website you have a couple of options. If you are a coding wiz, building a well-designed site from scratch might be the way you want to go. If you are not a programmer, though, you could hire someone else to develop your site. Or you may prefer the somewhat easier and more independent route of using a drag and drop editor to create a website.

Drag and drop editors let you build a website using premade templates and content blocks where you literally drag and drop your own content in. With drag and drop website builders, constructing a website becomes more accessible to anyone who wants a site for their brand. Even those who haven’t learned how to program can still set up shop online and start selling to a global audience.

While drag and drop sounds like a good option for creating digital content, sometimes it’s not always as great as it may seem. The question you need to ask yourself is, what is the best solution for you and your business?

We can’t make that decision for you, but we can give you some pros and cons of using a drag and drop text editor for you to consider before you choose how you will create your website.