Five Content Marketing Strategies to Try In 2019

Besides SEO, website building, and social media, one of the most important things to look into is content. Remember, content is king when it comes to enticing your customers and viewers to view your website. Without amazing content, despite having good social media strategies and a beautiful website, your strategies will still fail.

And the need for proper content still grows, with more people trusting such content for both research and buying decisions! It makes you wonder, what exactly can you do to get ahead in the game and ensure that you have good content strategies? Read on as I show you five content marketing strategies to try in 2019!

Content strategy


There are many ways you can strategize your content, from hiring the good SEO expert Joel House or trying to do it yourself and with the people you have. And there are other good ways to outsource these tasks. Either way, you still need to acquaint yourself with content marketing and the trends or plans you can do, which are relevant to this year. With that being said, here are the top five content marketing strategies to look into:


Create Content That Clears Goals and Stay Consistent


Just like any strategy, you have to begin with creating your goals. What do you want to be done and accomplished with this strategy? This can range from more sales, better following, or a certain amount of people who followers your call-to-action.

Once you’ve had your goals settled, focus on creating content which follows these goals, helping reach these. This shows what kind of content you want on your website and makes it quicker to create plans, as it’s based on specific wanted results.

And just like your goals, you must stay consistent with your content. Not only should it continue to stay informative and on-brand, you should also ensure that you have a schedule to stick to. Consider a schedule of when you will post content, keeping to such schedule to prevent loss of any followers.


Go Into SEO Cornerstone Content and Use Subject Matter Experts


What is SEO Cornerstone content? This includes all of the important and relevant content pieces you have or will create in the future. These are the pages you want to see ranking number one in search engine pages!

With that being said, you have to create these types of content with the utmost quality and with the in-depth information. These will take you towards your goals and better ROI. To create cornerstone content, follow these tips:

  • Write your pieces around strong keywords, which brings more site traffic from search engines
  • Make sure that even after creating the content, you update it every now and then to stay relevant
  • Go for guides, topic overviews, or how-to posts which entice more people

Also, ensure that you also use subject matter experts on the topic. This will help you create even better and informative content, which would also have your readers find your piece relevant and true because of such experts.


Create Content Promoting Brand Awareness


Not many people take the full advantage of creating content promoting brand awareness. You have to get your customers and readers to know you, which increase trust and the chance of following your blog or creating purchasing decisions. Get a bit more personal compared to the usual technical articles and listicles.

Rather, add entertainment and interest, placing more transparency and authenticity to your posts. People love storytelling and honesty as they read your content, which will also create and promote brand awareness. What you can do is to add some of these to your content pieces:

  • Posts that are seasonally-flavored
  • Fun and entertaining videos and infographics
  • Updates about your products or team, from announcements, interviews, or behind-the-scenes photos and videos
  • Personal stories from you or your team, as well as any reports


Don’t Create Content Just to Create Content- Amplify It!


Content strategies aren’t created for the mere sake of posting content. While content is an unspoken requirement for websites, it doesn’t mean you should post something mediocre just to say you posted something that day. If you rush or slack content creation without further research, then it won’t be useful for your website or your viewers.

You need to research what you want to write about, to add the relevant keywords for SEO, as well as connect your content to what goals you want to achieve.

And once you create your content, don’t just sit and wait for viewers because that’s not likely to happen. Amplify your content, distribute and announce it to everyone around the world! Utilize social media, paid advertisements, and reach out to people to grow your reach and traffic.


Use Analytical Tools to Test and Monitor Your Messaging and Content


And finally, ensure that before, during, and after content creation, you monitor it with the proper tools. Pay attention to the analytics and results, seeing which blog posts are the ones that attract the most traffic and how you can leverage such posts. Look into what posts didn’t work as much, which shows you what to do and avoid.

Through seeing analytics such as how long users spend on a page down to the number of people who see it will help you find out what content you should focus on for even better results. Content marketing strategies still happen even after posting!

Wrapping It Up

Content is one of the crucial factors in any website, whether you’re a personality or business. Through the informative and enticing content, you’re able to bring out the CTA that people will truly take action on, accomplishing your goals! And with properly planned content strategies, you’ll be able to start improving both your site and brand.

Hopefully, this article on the five content marketing strategies to try in 2019 helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these strategies now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on content marketing strategies, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!


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