Awesome eCommerce Landing Pages Ideas and Tips

Landing pages that are well designed and effectively put together can have a big impact on your eCommerce business. This is mainly in relation to conversions and influencing people to buy products or services from your online store. However, landing pages could persuade your visitors to do other actions as well. These can include things like filling forms or downloading something.

Landing pages should also help you when it comes to creating leads and having customers return. But in order to achieve this, you will need to keep several things in mind. Namely, landing pages should be personalized and tailored to the person who would be viewing them. You need to consider the goals of your target audience and make landing pages that are appealing and attractive.

Have a Clear Goal

It is important that you have a very good idea of who your potential customers are. This constitutes your target audience and once you have it properly defined, it’d be easier to create adequate landing pages. In general, your potential customers will have some problem that needs to be taken care of. Hence, you should create landing pages that will appoint to solutions to these issues.

The goal of your landing pages should be very obvious and any confusion is to be avoided. This could be achieved by designing them in a way that is very visually engaging. For example, you can insert a heading that states the purpose of the landing page. In addition, the overall layout should be captivating and colorful. Of course, quality images can have a big impact so consider including them.

Utilize Captivating Images

One of the factors that could vastly influence the effectiveness of a landing page is the use of quality images. If you’re presenting a product in your landing page, make sure that the image displays it in an adequate way. The viewers should get a clear idea of what the product is about. Consider the type of product before you select the image. Would you show it in use or on its own from up-close?

If you assume that the viewers would be looking for more information on the product, this could affect the decision. An image of the product from up-close could help the viewers to learn more details about it. This will align better with their goal which is beneficial to you. Also, an image that provides more details about the product can make it more distinguishable from other similar ones.

Include Discount Offers

Another factor that could motivate the visitors to actually act on your landing pages is the inclusion of discount offers. People enjoy when they get the better end of a deal and discounts are a great way to provide this. It’s something that improves the shopping experience and makes the customers feel better about making a purchase. In fact, discount offers tend to increase the conversion rate.

When you include a discount offer in one of your landing pages, make sure that it is clearly visible. You wouldn’t want to waste a great opportunity by having people missing your discount offer. The discount offer should be large enough and highlighted so that it is prominent and easily noticeable. You could also make it a part of the call-to-action button if you think it would be a good fit.

Ensure Your Call-To-Action Buttons Are Easy To See

One of the most important aspects of a great landing page is the call-to-action button. This is also known as a CTA and it leads your visitors to the action you want them to take. This could be about making a purchase, learning more about a product, or perhaps offering a free trial. But whatever the purpose of the call-to-action button, it should be visually captivating and very easy to see.

In order to achieve this, you need to place the CTA button where the visitors won’t miss it. This could be in the middle of the landing page or maybe at the top. The visuals will play a big role so consider the colors you use. One good idea would be to have different colors for the CTA button and the rest of the landing page. This will draw attention to it and many landing pages have it in red or orange.

Another bonus tip in regards to your CTA buttons is to actually include more of them. However, don’t confuse this with having multiple CTA buttons that have a different purpose. We’re more so referring to multiple CTA buttons that have the same function. The reason for this is that by having several CTA buttons, it will make the intended action for the visitors more prominent. For example, if your CTA is “Order Now”, you could put it on several parts of the landing page.

Include a Single Offer

The more options you have to choose from, the harder it actually is to make a decision. For example, if you find yourself in a candy store, it’d be hard to pick because all the sweets look good. This is a point that you should have in mind when it comes to the design of your landing pages. One of the concerns in regards to your sales funnel is the bounce rate. Providing many choices can increase it.

That is why you should consider including only a single offer in your landing pages. This will limit the actions you want your visitors to take to only one. Therefore, it will be much easier on them to make a decision which is great for your conversion rate. The rest of the landing page should aid the call-to-action button. This is done by providing reasons for why the visitor should make the intended action.

Provide a Zoom Feature for Your Products

When people go to a store with the desire to potentially buy a product they can make an easier decision. This is because they get to see how the product looks in person and whether they like it enough or not. On the one hand, buying products online allows the customers to avoid the need to go to the store. However, this also makes it harder for them to estimate the product properly.

That’s why it’s important to include images of your products that represent it as precisely as possible. And this is where the idea of providing a zoom feature can be of great help.  When a visitor can zoom in and have a detailed look of a product, this could positively influence his decision. You should also consider providing a 360-degree view of a product because it can give more information.

Optimize Your Landing Pages for Mobile Devices

A huge portion of your traffic is likely to come from mobile devices for people use them more and more. This should be a good enough of a reason for you to ensure that your landing pages look great on mobile devices as well. Plenty of customers tend to report issues when it comes to their shopping experience using mobile devices. Meaning, you can use that as an advantage over your competition.

In order to make your landing pages effective for mobile devices, you need to ensure that they adjust well. This is a process that can be done easily if you use our tool DragDropr. By using DragDropr you can customize your content to fit any screen size. DragDropr creates responsive pages in an automatic way which auto-adjusts them for mobile devices. Plus, you can choose to include/exclude certain elements like pictures, for a particular device or screen size. This gives you complete control.

Use a Video to Showcase Your Products

Earlier, we mentioned the idea of providing high-quality images that would improve your landing pages. However, you may also use videos that could give the same captivating effect and lead to an increased conversion rate. Videos can showcase your products in great detail and potential customers could see how the product works in action. And you can also use videos for social proof.

Positive reviews are a great form of social proof and previous customers could share their testimonials in videos. We also mentioned that having a zoom feature could include a 360-degree view of a product. Well, videos are also great in that regard and the people viewing can get to see the product from any angle. This will help them to learn more about it and how the product is used.

Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines

When we speak of headlines that are attention-grabbing this doesn’t mean that you should get overboard with it. In fact, what usually makes for an effective headline is to keep things simple and straight to the point. No need to use long words and overcomplicate things. The visitors should easily get the point of the headline and you need to ensure that the headline is noticeable.

If you come up with a catchy headline this could create interest in the visitors and make them curious about what is being offered. The headline should be relevant to your brand and its usefulness to the viewer. If this is the case, the visitors will have more interest in the product and what it can do for them. In other words, this can lead to an increase in your conversion rate.

Get Rid Of Site Navigation

Previously, we talked about the importance of the call-to-action button and how it should be easy to see. Well, a general aspect that can make the CTA more prominent is the removal of site navigation. This will allow potential customers to focus solely on the CTA. When there are no unnecessary distractions, it is easier for people to pay attention to what counts the most.

Some eCommerce businesses have landing pages with not a single menu present. This can give more space to the offer in question and make things more simple overall. Also, people would not be tempted to check out different links as much. From there, you could captivate the visitors by providing great visuals. If there is a single CTA button, this can be effective and help with conversion.

Provide Pricing Information

We mentioned that not all of your landing pages will have the goal of inclining your visitors to purchase something. However, for those landing pages that do have this goal, it may be a good idea to include pricing information.  If a person is considering buying a product, it’s only natural that he would like to know more about the price. And if they aren’t clear on that, it can cause problems.

Therefore, if you include pricing information in the adequate landing pages, this will help with your conversion rate. For example, if you’re selling software that comes in different packages, you can let the viewers know how much each version would cost. From there, they can make a decision more easily after considering what version and price would fit their needs and available budget.


eCommerce landing pages need to be made effective because they are very important when it comes to the conversion rate of your online business. There are multiple factors that make for an effective landing page and you should take them into consideration. In general, you want the goal of your landing page to be clear so that your visitors are inclined to take the proper action. Things that help with this are captivating visuals that include a noticeable headline and a prominent CTA button.

On that note, remember that DragDropr is a tool that can greatly help you with this. Among other things, DragDropr will allow you to create awesome landing pages without breaking a sweat. It is a tool that is very intuitive to use and you don’t need any coding skills. It will be very easy for you to create and control your content and design a landing page that is attention-grabbing and appealing. By just doing simple drag and drop actions, you will be able to get the exact look that you imagine.



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