Release notes, 14 August 2020

 14 August, 2020

Release notes

In the past two weeks, we were able to improve some of our features regarding meta data, in order to make your pages more visible, and create customazible widgets, so that your pages can have a more comprehensive structure. 

Build your custom widget

Using premade solutions is easy and quick but standing out from the crowd will get you more sales. How about building your own custom widgets?

Try out Widget builder that can be found in your DragDropr dashboard. Maybe you already know some HTML, CSS and JavaScript, that’s great, it will put you on the right track immediately! In case you are not completely confident in your knowledge, or you feel brave enough to try something new, find below some easy guides to get you to your customized widgets. 

You know what else is cool? This is just the begining! Very soon we will be adding more widget options so stay tuned.

By clicking on the images bellow you will be able to watch tutorials for: 

1. Creating Navigation (very useful for your blog sites to display pages, categories, and custom links)
2.  Creating menu icon (it’s more popular by its name Hamburger menu)
3. Using widgets(you’ve built your widgets, so what now?)

Adding more structure to your pages, by using widgets, gives your users opportunity to find things they are looking very fast and stress-free.

Improve your SEO with Meta tags preview

Being visible on Google is very important and we are going to help you boost your SEO. DragDropr has improved Meta tag Editor, it now lets you add custom meta tags to make your pages easier to find on Google. Find it in Page Settings in your DragDropr dashboard.

We have also updated our meta tags editor so you can see a preview of how the search result for your page will look like.

When your website is shared via social media you are able to get that desired visibility, but is that snippet really representative of your work? We have added the preview for Facebook and Twitter tags so you can see how the users will see your page when it is shared on social media.

By clicking the name of the social media network in the editor, you will be able to check out the page preivew, just like it is shown in the example here.

Useful reading material

In case you wish to know more about SEO and how these new features are actually helping your business, read more about it on our blog named 8 Foolproof SEO Hacks for Your Website. Let us know if this was a helpfull article in comments section. 

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