Release notes – July 2020.

As e-commerce is on the major rise, in the past two weeks we have been focused a lot on how to make your Web Shop more appealing to your customers. We are sure you will appreciate some of the added or changed features that you can find in our latest release. Learn about them below.


Get your Web Shop prettified


From now on you can engage your customers with better looking categories, as you can change fonts, colors, and much more. On top of that, you will be able to view your products in a single category.


You don’t have to choose anymore between having a Cart or Search widget in your shop, your customers can now enjoy the full online store experience as we have made adding multiple widgets possible. Searching through your products is now fun and simple and reviewing purchased goods comprehensive to your customers.


If you want to learn more about why Web Shop presentation is important and how it boosts your sales, read about it here.

One click publishing


Publishing has been made easier as well. Now you are able to republish all of the changes you made to your pages as soon as you save them in Page Editor. After clicking Save button you will get a dialog box asking you to republish. Not ready to republish, yet? Skip it and continue editing until you are happy with your pages.


On the other hand, we have made publishing to your domain slicker by adding a simple Go to page URL button. You can skip working in multiple windows and complete everything in one dialog box.


Web Shop trial – easy access


Haven’t started using our Web Shop? Start your trial period by clicking on an icon directly from your Page Editor. We are not event taking your credit card details, it is literally free to try it, so what are you waiting for? 


What’s new in a nutshell?


  1. Published pages – on page save show dialog to republish
  2. Web shop
  • Start webshop trial from the page editor
  • Added single category widget
  1. Publish to domain dialog – added button to go to page URL



  1. Web shop cart and search widgets – can add multiple widgets on page
  2. Web shop categories – updated styling
  3. Disable chat support for agencies clients
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