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Release notes | December 11th, 2021

Hello, DragDroprs!

How are you keeping up with the holiday season? Are you relaxing, or are you expanding your business? Oh, and do you have any big plans for 2022? 

If you are planning to change how your website looks, let us inform you that Personalized content is one of the trends for 2022! Yes, that’s right. Make your website correspond to your customers’ needs, interests, and behavior. They’ll trust you more, and the secret of increasing sales is based on gaining customers’ confidence in you! 

To make things easy for you, we constantly improve our DragDropr. We listen, introduce new features, and change existing ones to help your business.

So, what we did is that we changed the layout a bit so that widgets become more accessible for you.  But that’s not all! Now you can choose the pattern for displaying your widgets. You don’t need to resize or shift it one by one. All you need is to choose one layout and fill it with widgets. Let us know how you like this new option 😉 

The next thing is that you will be able to publish your work directly from the editor from now on. Yeah, that’s right. It opens the publish dialogue; you choose which integration you want your work to be published on, and voila! Process completed! 

Enter 2022 with our latest updates within Widget builder, and the winners are 🥁🥁🥁 Stars ranking, Price list, and Price table! Find out more in the text below!

Widget builder

As we mentioned, we improved our Widget builder with three new features, but, if you want to use them, you need to go to Widget builder and select them, to show them on your toolbar. 

Star Ranking

Reviews – probably, the first thing you will look for then you explore the product and make decisions are you going to buy or not. The easiest way to present it is with stars ranking. You can choose the size, the color, or the spacing between the stars. Now the widget is ready for you.

Price list

You can use the Price list to show some of your products or list them all with images, short descriptions, and prices. It’s a perfect widget for creating your service menu or just an ordinary pricing list.

Price table

The second option for pricing is to create a Price table. It will make selected products stand out, and it’s the perfect choice if you want to emphasize some products from your list. You can adjust the size, the color, and the font, so it can look just the way you want!

Columns Templates

Instead of creating a column inside the section by yourself, you can choose one of the templates that are already prepared.

It will save you time in formatting your landing page of the website.


Also now we have a divider widget, that will create a nice visual effect when your page has text. It helps your visitors to read text easily and faster. Dividers can have little icons, the size, the color can be changed. 

Integrations shortcuts

And last, but not least are new buttons for integrations. You know that DragDropr has integrations with Shopify, Magento.. If you are working on the project you are not using some of these platforms, but you need it, now when you come to the last step – publishing, you will get options/buttons to choose an app and start integration from the editor. 

You have an idea how to improve DragDropr? Let us know! 

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