Release notes 13th May 2021

Release notes | 13 May 2021

We have prepared new widgets for you. 


Headers are crucial to a well-structured website page and you should use them. Correction – you need  to use them

Here are some reasons why do you need to pay attention how your Header looks like:

  • Headers Make Pages Scannable
  • Headers help your SEO
  • Usability especially on Mobile Devices

Did you know that if you are using voice search on your Mobile devices, Google will scan website pages paying particular attention to headers? If the headers match what the person is searching for, it will deliver the content.

Use our widgets to design your own Header, or choose some of our templates. 

It could help you start your website, choose pages. 


You just might think that Footer is less important. But, here is the news for you:

Footers are surprisingly essential to a website’s performance. For most web content, people are usually scrolling through the pages, especially on mobile devices. Appropriate footer content signals that they’ve reached the bottom of a page, without a clunky ending. 

Footers give your site visitors one more chance to take the desired action. Also, if you provide good navigation links, it could present a path to continuing engagement. As you may know, the footer is the right place for important information that’s necessary but shouldn’t get top billing.

What do you need to take care about Footer: 

  • Make it simple and clean
  • Provide a call to action
  • Provide all necessary information about Copyright info and legal links

In order to help you to create amazing Footer, check out our liberty and choose some of our templates.

You have an idea how to improve DragDropr? Let us know! 

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