Release Notes 12 February 2021

In this deployment, we have made a series of improvements to our page builder to make it easier and faster for you to build better pages.

Speed improvements

We have made our builder lighter and more responsive. Our focus is to provide the best possible experience. If your job is to build webpages and landing pages, speed and responsiveness will be the most important features. 

Even if you are building a big and complex page the builder should behave as if you had just a few widgets on the page.

Column dragging

We have added an option to drag and rearrange columns as you please.

Whether you are building a list of products, user testimonials or something else, and you want to organize your content in columns, this lets you arrange and reuse columns much faster than before and in an easier way. 

Adding sections automatically

When you add a widget directly to the page we are now wrapping them in sections automatically.

This makes it easier to build content blocks and rearrange them on the page, or create global blocks that you can reuse on multiple pages. 

You have an idea how to improve DragDropr?

Let us know! 

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