27 January 2021 Release notes

Release notes 27 January 2021

 27 January 2021

Release notes

Now we can release a big update to its Shopify integration.
The main goal was to make it easier for the existing Shopify to install and start using DragDropr. 

Shopify Integration – steps

Now you can install DragDropr on with just a click or two and start building right away

You will get to our welcome screen and you’re done and ready to make your pages with DragDropr

Our dev team prepared a tutorial How to integrate DragDropr and Shopify. In this video, you will also see how to edit pages using DragDropr, how to change the main page, and much more. 

Now you can start some new projects, like dropshipping. That is an awesome way of running an online store without investing in a warehouse full of stock. It’s a popular option for selling products online as people look to make more money from the comfort of their homes, and thanks to the rise of online shopping, it shows no signs of going anywhere soon. Read this before you start: 15 costs to consider before starting dropshipping

You have an idea how to improve DragDropr? Let us know! 

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