Release Notes 29 Dec 2020

Widgets in first row – drag handle on toolbox

We have added the ability to move the toolbox of the first widget when having multiple ones on the same page. This helped solve all the inconsistencies when configuring multiple widgets.

Widget builder – added a template for JS code

We take great pride in our tool requiring zero coding knowledge. However, for all of our tech-savvy users out there – we are proud to introduce the improved Widget Builder. Simply copy and paste your JS code to the template. Looking forward to seeing some of your creations

If you missed our tutorial How to use Widget Builder, check it out on the link here.

User widgets – wrapped user JS code in a function, so it doesn’t affect other code on the page

 Leave the company button

You are now able toleave companies you are not the owner of straight from the DD’s dashboard. Simply head over to profile settings, and then click on companies.

Editor improvements

We simply couldn’t for 2021 to implement fixes and improvements. Our New Year’s resolution starts today! And what better way to start it than with the following:

  • Page renaming
  • Page slug special characters validation – we removed the ability to use special characters when naming the slugs. Only _ and – will be usable here asto not cause validation issues.
  • Open image in the popup
  • Image and icon link settings
  • White label settings for agencies – now all sub-companies will have the specified company icon, instead of DD’s logo

You have an idea how to improve DragDropr?

Let us know! 

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