Release notes | 26 October 2020

Easier Access to your Widgets

Since we have added so many widgets lately, it is now time for you to be able to organize them according to your needs. There is now a Widget library!

Select widgets you want to see in your DragDropr page builder. Make sure to include the ones you usually use or the ones you plan on using for some of your future pages.

To top things off, you can share all of your Widget Library settings with your company. It comes in very handy when your company handles multiple projects, and the same Widgets are used regularly.

Here you can see how simple it is to set up the Widgets Library for the whole company. By ticking one box, you keep your settings private, or you share it with the group of projects under one company.

Custom CSS class

Have you ever struggled with overcoming a situation in which you have a specific design requirement, but the styles you require are not available in the theme? As you may have already guessed – yes! We have added a custom CSS class. From now on, you can make it look the way you want.

Easier linking on the same page

You can add section names and link to them within the page. And if you want to link to them from a button or image, you can do it directly from Widget settings. Convenient, right?

This feature might come in handy when you are writing long texts so that you get more readable content, for example. 

Useful reading material

This time we are taking you on a design journey, although you are not a designer.

We want you to try to design your website, webshop, or landing page. Don’t think it is possible? We beg to differ.

Read our simple guide, it will give you perspective on what skills you should have, what things you should pay attention to, plus there is a great comparative example.

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