How to Improve Email Open Rate by 39%

How to Improve Email Open Rate by 39%

Email marketing has been around for some time now. Marketers widely acknowledge it as one of the top marketing techniques. As marketing methods advance, email marketing continues to develop as well.

It allows you to send out messages at your convenience relatively inexpensively. Set up the marketing emails a week or two in advance, and create a schedule when they should be sent out. You can send out hundreds or thousands of emails automatically, or opt to write personal emails to selected clients.

However, writing promo emails is not that easy. If you’re not careful about the words you use, you might easily get blacklisted. Then there’s the open rate which typically tends to be abysmally low. An email could quite easily be ignored, and a lot of them never get opened.

How to Get Your Email Out of the Slush Pile

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to ensure that your email gets the attention it deserves. This includes using the correct subject line and a preheader. For the purposes of this post, however, we’re going to look at the most important tip of all.

Using this tip, you could improve the open rate by as much as 39%. What’s the tip? Segment your subscriber list.

Segmenting Your Subscriber List

When you send out an email, do you send the same message to everyone on your subscriber list? Most marketers do. It’s an idea that seems to make sense – the more emails you get out, the better your response should be.

It’s the whole reason that you wanted to build a massive email list in the first place. You wanted the maximum number of potential leads. Unfortunately, this theory takes no cognizance of the fact that you have a variety of people on your lists.

People who are married, single, starting a family, and so on. People who are all at different stages of their lives and thus have different needs.

Even if every single item in your product line was perfect for every subscriber, each person has own reasons for buying the products. They all have different pain points and motivations.

So, if you’re sending out the same message to everyone on your list, it might be too generic to be successful. If, on the other hand, you narrow the list down a bit and focus on one group at a time, you can create perfectly targeted messages.

Of course, you’re not going to send out nearly as many emails at a time. So, instead of sending out 10,000, you might only send out 2,000. The difference is, though, that your click-through rates will be better on the 2,000 than the 10,000 option.

The main reason behind this strategy is simple. When people receive an email, they will sometimes open it out of curiosity. If you’ve been bombarding them with emails that don’t interest them, they’re going to think new messages are more of the same. Therefore, they’ll be more likely to ignore messages in the future.

By properly segmenting lists, you’re improving the customer service. You also get to look like a rockstar for your client – they’ll think that you know them very well.

How a good Landing page strategy and a CRM can help

Naturally, there is only so much information that people are willing to give you in exchange for signing up as a subscriber.
Ask anyone about how to successfully build an email list, and the top tip will be to make the signup process as simple as possible.

That could, however, cause problems when you want to segment the list.

With a good Landing page strategy, you can still keep your signup process simple – while segmenting your users as much as you need!

Let’s say you are selling GDPR consultant services, and you have 3 groups of customers: lawyers, bankers, and digital marketers. To segment them, you would have to either:

– Complicate your signup process.
– Or you can simply build 3 different Landing pages for each lead segment!

All you need to do is to build different Landing pages that will target each specific customer group.

E.G. In your Lawyers Landing page, you will have keywords for this customer segment, and you will talk about why are GDPR regulations important for lawyers, or similar.

This way, you can automatically know how to segment your subscribers by their profession, and therefore how to segment them further.

With a good CRM system, you can create a more complete picture of each of your clients. Once you get to know them better, you can segment your market more accurately and have a better conversion rate. And that, as we know, leads to better performance in your email campaign.

Your sales staff could help to complete that picture. They can update information as they get it, and even add personal notes to the system. The system can schedule follow-ups, and that will give you more analytics to look at.

Are you ready to start making each campaign a complete success? Let us know how you’re getting on in the comments below.

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