How to increase your Conversion Rate in 9 Simple Ways

A conversion rate is an essential measure of performance, especially for marketing and e-commerce websites. Without conversion, you’re losing profits. Without conversion, your sales copy is useless, and you’re wasting money and time.

Conversion Rate Defined

You can compute this rate. You’ll need two things:

  • Number of visitors who performed an action
  • Total visitors who landed in your sales copy or website

Divide the number who performed action by the total visitors. For example, you have 40 who made a purchase and a total visitors of 4000 in a month. Multiply the answer with 100%. This example yields 1%.

The action can either be a purchase, a subscription or anything. However, the best words to describe conversion rate are the percentage of visitors who buy your product or services.

A low conversion rate may mean a lot of things. One, you’re doing something wrong. Two, you’re not monitoring what’s working. Three, you’re not taking advantage of the current technologies out there to help you increase your conversion rate.



If you’ve been looking at a mere 1% conversion rate for months or even years, here’s some good news. You can increase that percentage using simple ways without making drastic changes to your current site. 

How to improve your conversion rate in 9 simple ways:

Strategic and Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Do you have a call to action? If you do, that’s good. If you don’t, it’s high time to put at least one. The next step is to look at the position of that CTA.

One strategic location is at the beginning of the article, sales or landing page. Don’t put the CTA at the beginning, though. Place your first CTA after the 500 words of your landing page. Alternatively, place the first CTA button after discussing the benefits of your product or services.

Another excellent location is in the middle of your landing page. The last strategic location is at the end of your sales page.

Some sites place a CTA on every feature of their products. The important thing is to make your visitors click on your CTA button. When they reach another page, provide a sort of form that captures their email.

The point is, don’t leave your visitors hanging. Guide them what to do along the way. Call to action doesn’t have to be “buy me now” option.

Use different wordings such as “Learn more about this,” or “Yes, sign me up for a discount.” Test, and tweak some words to see which one yields the highest conversion.

Increase Credibility and Trust

A testimony from a customer is an excellent way to increase credibility. Trust is an essential factor in convincing your visitors to click your CTA button. However, you need to avoid overhyping the offer.

Another way to increase trust is to include a money-back guarantee without any question asked. The number of visitors who convert into sales will eventually make up for the visitors who want a refund. If your product and services are superior in quality, this guarantee will work in your favor.

Include your contact information in the sales copy or a chat box. Make them feel that they’re dealing with real people. A chat box or contact info tells your potential customer that you’re there, ready to answer their questions and concerns anytime.



Create Urgency and Excitement

You can do this step by including limited time for the promo or the number of stocks left. Sometimes, people buy products when they see limited stocks even if they don’t need it. Take advantage of human nature and entice your visitors to purchase or click on your CTA button.

Appeal to the emotions of your potential customer without building too much hype. Use emotionally-charged but straightforward words. Make sure that your visitors can understand what you’re saying.

Another way to create excitement is offering a related product or an add-on product to your existing one. Providing a free copy of a related book to your product is an example.

Payment Options

Many potential customers don’t like to face limited options when it’s time to check out. Include as many as possible.

Add an option for traditional payment methods such as credit card or debit card. Place a payment option for international e-payment systems such as PayPal or Skrill. Include also cryptocurrencies.

You can also offer a discount when your visitors a specific kind of payment method. For example, give 20% discount if they use e-payment.


Guest Checkout

One factor why people don’t buy is the registration process. If you want them to buy, give them the option to skip the registration process. Let those potential customers check out as a guest.

One important reminder though: capture the customer’s basic contact information such as email address. If you’re delivering a physical product, require a direct mailing address. You can use these details later on when you send out follow-up emails.

Test Many Versions of Your Sales Copy

Testing what works is always an effective way of increasing. For example, in one version of your landing page, include two CTA buttons. Use “yes” and “no” options. In another version, provide only one option for yes and an “X” button for rejection or closing your form.

Some sites use these methods. They observe that offering one “yes” option increases their conversion rate.

Keep Distractions Away from Your Sales Copy

Your landing page or sales copy should include CTA buttons with one purpose, discussion of your product’s benefits, and some customer reviews. Remove navigation links in your sales copy.

Make Your Page Visually Appealing

Keep the page in a single column. Include high-resolution images and happy faces. Smiling faces in your sales copy can create a good vibe and encourage your potential customer to try your product.

Use bold fonts appropriately. Use all-caps fonts in relevant fields to highlight the advantages of your product. One font type with varying font sizes to place emphasis can make your page more appealing than using different font types.

The right color combination can also make a difference in your conversion rate. For example, if you use blue buttons, make sure the fonts are readable. Keep away from warm colors that can increase fatigue to your visitor’s eyes.

Lastly, check for basic grammar and spelling errors. Although most of your potential customers are not grammar pro (they may not even notice), a sales copy teeming with errors can be disastrous. You can lose customers when they notice these errors because it would make you or your brand look shady.

Optimize Your Page and its Design

Keywords are essential. Your visitors use these words to find you. Ensure that you’re using the appropriate keywords or phrases.

Another way to optimize is to increase your site’s loading rate. Potential customers tend to close a page when it loads slowly.

Optimize your page for mobile users. Many people use their mobile phones to search for products. If your page’s images and fonts look weird in a mobile phone, you’ll lose customers fast. Give a good experience to your potential customers.

Test your page for mobile navigation to see how your page looks like.

Final Thoughts

Conversion rate matters whether you admit it or not. Conversion can mean increasing your email list, or subscribers. It can mean increased sales for the year.

Whatever your purpose is in increasing conversion rate, it’s important to consider your target visitors. The demographics of your audience is the starting point of all your strategies.

Misunderstanding the needs and wants of your audience can lead to lower conversion or stagnant rate. So, before listing all possible ways to increase conversion rate, take time to research and gather data about your visitors.




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