Release notes: 1.12.1

Release version: 1.12.1
Editor version: 1.9.1
Dashboard version: 1.9.0
Backend version: 1.7.0
Chrome widget version: 1.2.6

Date of release: 2018.03.10


General improvements:

– Improved widget dropping

– Added “Fixed” background property and fixed “Background Size” option in page settings

– Allow entering “textual” color name (Red, Blue, Green, …)

– Allow reauthorizing WordPress integrations


Shopify improvement:

– Load additional smart collections and paginate them in the “SMART COLLECTION” select option



Heading widget :
– correctly preserve heading tag
– do not change the heading tag if the font size is changed

Color Picker :
– correctly change color settings when switching between widgets
– allow to correctly paste colors
– correctly display color hex code when opacity is changed

General fixes:

– Fix search error for insensitive select (“CHOOSE FONT” and others)



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