Undo-redo feature NOW live in DragDropr page builder editor

New DragDropr feature released. Long awaited Undo / Redo you guys asked from us!

This was not an easy task to do. A lot of mapping needed to be done. Many widgets, and the way how they “interact” gave our coders a proper challenge – they loved!

Now you can easily retrace your steps through your design. See what’s good, and what could be better. Undo your bad drags and drops!

Do you have a new task for us? New Idea? Or you just want to check our progress and Up-vote feature request – go here and vote or submit a request.

Few more updates that came with this update:

  • New Close button (now shown in our editor – per our users requests)
  • Improved headlining of closing pages ( saved/not saved warning and automatic handling)
  • Smaller bug fixes



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