Release notes: 1.12.2

Release version: 1.12.2
Editor version: 1.9.1
Dashboard version: 2
Backend version: 1.7.0
Chrome widget version: 1.2.6

Date of release: 2018.15.12


General improvements:

  • User management improvements & bug fixes
  • New user Admin panel
  • Available ID’s for all Widgets and Sections – allowing users to create links to these sections/widgets E.G. specific parts of the page

Shopify improvement:

  • “Click Target” option for Shopify generic collection widget available. User can choose now chose to open the product link in the same or in a new tab.

New services offered:

  • DragDropr professional services launched.  Now you are able to buy the services from our professional writers and designers.
    • Landing Page design
    • Landing Page import
    • Landing Page structure and content
    • Sales Page structure and content
    • Sales page design

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