What is a CMS? How to Choose the Right One for You

Marketing can take in many different forms. Each has proven to have its strengths. Still, entrepreneurs have been searching for more and more ways to maximize the potentials of their businesses through marketing. These days, with the dawn of the digital revolution and the increasing reliance on the World Wide Web, the superstar for businesses has been content marketing. So, if Content is the king, then the CMS systems are content’s states. 

One important milestone in the dominion of content marketing in the e-commerce world is the development of CMS (Content Management Systems). These allow online entrepreneurs not just to manage their marketing efforts easily but also to provide quality content that ensures lead generation.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System, as the term suggests, manages content generation and presentation. It’s either a software or a web-based application that online entrepreneurs can use to build web pages where contents can be found.

Traditionally, building and managing websites involve a lot of work. Most of the time, an IT specialist or a team of them are hired to do the more technical aspects of the task. It can be tiresome and may involve a lot of funds. These can cause problems from a significant time consumed.  The communication between the client and his hired web developer takes time. Furthermore, hired web developer not totally delivering what the client is envisioning.

However, with the advent of CMS, the difficulty that these tasks present have been significantly reduced. The job of the web developer (whether he be hired or the client himself/herself) can be done in just a single place. Often, there are no separate desktop applications needed. The site can also be built in real-time while allowing the developer to make changes instantly if mistakes are made.

The Best CMS Available

There are different Content Management Systems to choose from when deciding to do a development project. Some of the most popular and most efficient are discussed below.


WordPress is arguably the greatest CMS available out there. This blogging platform is popular for both experienced developers and beginners. It has features that allow users to easily navigate and explore it.

The content marketing benefits from WordPress is the ease it provides in delivering different sorts of content from simple texts, to images, and up to videos. This is easily done because it has a built-in image and multimedia uploading support.


Magento is another popular CMS. Like WordPress, it also has a very large support community. It offers developers optional modules for building a social site. Features like forums, user blogs, open ID, profiles, etc. can be done with the use of its modules.

Compared with WordPress, Magento is more a sole e-commerce platform – where you create awesome e-shops.

There are a lot of popular sites powered by Magento; however, unlike WordPress, Magento is a little difficult to learn. Magento developers that can be hired have much higher rates compared to WordPress developers.


Shopify is another CMS that can have great potentials once explored well. Widely used for e-shops. It’s basically as functional and easy to use like WordPress by using themes. The only catch is that its extensions are often paid-for so that developers will have to rely on his/her pocket to expect great results.

Users who don’t know much about markup languages such as HTML make use of visual page editors like DragDropr to create wonderful web pages and deliver all sorts of content. DragDropr is easy to learn and understand due to the visual nature of the creation process. It allows you to create content by dragging and dropping, while automatically producing pure HTML in the backend. This makes visual page builders like DragDropr increasingly needed options for CMS.

How to Choose the Right CMS

Choosing the CMS for marketing depends entirely on your skills, budget, and needs.

For blogs, or regular online site/presentation WordPress rules. While Magento is an excellent solution for e-shop – if you want to pay once for your CMS (and own it) and have an option to host your shop on your own servers. Shopify is recently taking the Magento rool as a top CMS for e-shops. It’s paid monthly for its use while providing hosting on their own servers.

Considering a small budget, the best thing to do for users is again, to choose the most user-friendly CMS, something that users can use without hiring other developers. Which still is not doable if you want your Shop/Site to shine! 

DragDropr is made with an idea to provide exactly that. To help you make your online presentation shine! It is an affordable addon to any CMS which will allow their users to customize their content without the need of hiring a developer – universal to any CMS.

As to needs, the user must consider reviewing the features of each CMS available to accurately create and manage the project being envisioned.

DragDorpr is a visual drag and drop page builder and editor. It is the only editor universal to any CMS – you can use it to build pages on any system.  

It is also a Landing Page builder which gives you an option to publish standalone Landing pages on DragDropr’s fast Europe based servers. – included in our Personal plan! 

Coming with 75+ ready Landing page templates it is often used by marketers to solely build and publish Landing pages quickly and easily – hosted on DragDropr high-speed servers, or on users servers.

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