Release Notes 1.8.0

Release version: 1.8.0
Editor version: 1.7.1
Dashboard version: 1.4.0
Backend version: 1.5.1
Chrome widget version: 1.2.4

Date of release: 2018/03/16

New features

  • Created a “Form widgets” and “Submission”
  •  Each submission will receive it’s unique displayed so no matter how much of the same submission user has they will be shown differently
  • User can go to different pages of submissions
  • Submissions are stored as an array of data, and they are later render as a table
  • User can delete any submission that they desire
  • User can see a small table icon if a page has any submission
  • Created a support for creation “Forms”
  • Created a validation for a default success view
  • Created a form reducer for form section


  • Each widget that is used for “Form submission” has it’s requirements set as “required” by default
  • All widgets are creating a different class for each placed
  • Improved a duplicate logic for “Sweepstake” and “form widget”
  • Created a redirect URL for columns
  • Added translations to PharseApp
  • Created a multiple styling options for widget
  • Created a new widget “Submit” button for “Form submissions”
  • Created a new widget “Post / Zip Code” for “Form submissions”
  • Created a new widget “Submit” for “Form submissions”
  • Created a new widget “Form section” button for “Form submissions”
  • User can choose what position to use on the label widget
  • User can choose if the widget is required or not
  • User can edit widgets “From” widgets from inline/side settings
  • Created a new widget “Address” for “Form submissions”
  • Added a “min – max” component for “Text”, “Text area”, “Email” and “Number”
  • “Text area” widget is not rendering an resize arrow
  • User can resize a “Text area” widget via rows and clos
  • Created a specific character pattern for “Phone number” widget
  • Created a “Countries” widget with predefined counties
  • User can add a label, placeholder text or nothing to his widget
  • User can change his widgets as he desires
  • Created a restriction that user can use form widgets only inside of a form section
  • Text widget is using a size attribute now to define how much character it can hold
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