Release Notes 1.7.0

Release version: 1.7.0
Editor version: 1.7.0
Dashboard version: 1.3.0
Backend version: 1.5.0
Chrome widget version: 1.2.3
Date of release: 02/22/2018

New features:

– Chrome widget
– Page screenshot


– Improved backedn API logic for Chrome widget
– User can set title and tag attribute on Image widget
– Backend code inside a file is now set to a maximal file size to prevent storage consumption
– User can not access the API if his trial period is off or his subscription unpaid
– Improved logic on save button

Bug fixes:

– Fixed issue where user was not able to login in Chrome widget
– Fixed issue where user was able to create and access pages of company that is not subscribed via Agency account on Chrome widget
– Fixed minor issue where back arrow was missing on Chrome widget
– Fixed minor issue where images were missing for integrated projects on Chrome widget
– Fixed issue where user was not informed that editor was not showing due to restrictions of Chrome widget
– Fixed urgent issue where users were not able to perform a wordpress integration
– Fixed issue where users can only have one content block per page
– Fixed issue where users were prevented to drop another content block
– Fixed issue where deleting a page causes fronted to throw and exception
– Hotfixed an issue where page was not showing as per editor

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