Landing Page Trends for 2018 You Don’t Want to Miss

In the new year, businesses are looking forward at how to improve their brand image this year. Those looking to improve their web design may want to start by updating how they create their landing pages.

Landing pages are a killer strategy for optimizing on conversions. Rather than send your customers to navigate your site for what they want, you can send them to a single page with just the information they need, all directed towards a specific call-to-action (CTA). If you’re promoting a certain sale or want customers to download your new app, a landing page can be the perfect place to focus their attention on taking action.

But not just any landing page will do. For more conversions, you’ll need the latest landing page trends. These trends engage audiences and better invite them to act. Shoppers are beginning to expect the standard of design that the best landing pages have. Despite how useful landing pages can be in converting your customers, if they are designed poorly they won’t be effective at all.

See where you can use some of these landing page trends that design professionals will be using in 2018.

Blending Borders

Website templates encourage users to stay within template blocks to help separate content. But more and more landing pages are blending the lines between bordering blocks. Some landing pages place blocks on top of each other, popping up as you scroll. Other pages have a single background color that makes it hard to distinguish where one content block stops and where another one begins.

But that’s the beauty of blending. It all flows together. With the right design of blended borders, you can lead your customer to the next piece of relevant content seamlessly.

Don’t get too carried away erasing borders or your audience won’t know where to look. This trend has to be done right, but it’s not impossible. You’re going to need an application with editable content blocks for this and a strong eye for design.


If the content creator you’ve chosen for your landing pages is not mobile-friendly, then it’s time to find another web editor. Your pages will need responsive content now more than ever. Mobile shoppers are becoming more and more prevalent as consumers become more and more attached to their smartphones and other mobile devices.

This means that if your landing pages do not respond well on these devices, you’ll be losing out on a huge chunk of your audience. 57% of mobile users agree that “they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site.” That could put a huge dent in your conversions and customer pool.

Most ecommerce templates are adopting more mobile-responsive designs. But even still, some drag and drop website editors don’t give you a clear picture of how your site is going to look on another device. It’s important to find a page editor that you can rely on to create pages as you want them, no matter how they are accessed.

Clean Design and Minimal Text

It’s always been the case for landing pages that the cleaner and simpler the design the better. Too much information or cluttered content can take the user away from your CTA. But in 2018 especially, we’ll see an even greater rise of more minimalist designs when it comes to landing pages.

The trend today is for sites to change their format to include less text in larger sizes. Bold and big headlines with a short subtext are incredibly popular right now. Limiting your text in a similar fashion can help your landing pages to convey just the information that is necessary for conversions and forego the fluff. After all, most users will only read about 28% of your text anyway. Highlight your main point of attraction and let it do the talking for you.


Your landing pages should be clean and simple, but they shouldn’t be static. What users in 2018 will be looking for isn’t a bland ole page, but something that feels alive and has heart. This is why so many sites are creating heading bars not with a moving images, animation or video.

If you want to grab your audience’s attention, this is one sure way to do it. For one thing, engaging images and visuals are great at telling a story. Storytelling has become a huge trend for digital marketing because of how well customers connect with these stories and the brands that share them.

By adding a looping video as the background of your landing page or the header instead of a plain color box, you give your brand the chance to connect with your audience on a more personal level. And you can do it without using a lot of text. The images speak for you in a way that written words can’t. So give your landing pages some life with movement that doesn’t distract the customer from your offer, but adds to their experience.

How to Easily Create Your Landing Pages

With these trends at your disposal it’s time to actually implement them. The question you should be asking yourself is, do I have an online webpage editor or content creator that allows me to try out these trends in the coming year?

Some website builders and page editors won’t give you the freedom to customize your landing pages as you wish. This is especially true if you also lack experience with HTML or programming. Use DragDropr when you need to create a trendy and effective landing page. It’s an application designed to simplify web content creation and give you the freedom to apply these trends to your own landing pages or website.

DragDropr is a visual content builder that lets users drag, drop and edit content easily. It’s not your normal WYSIWYG editor; what you see is actually what you get. When you make changes to your page, those changes are made in real-time and are automatically generated as mobile-responsive. You get to customize your landing page or website as you want it when you download the DragDropr plugin to your browser. Use DragDropr’s editable content blocks to design your page or use templates from your current CMS or ecommerce platform. DragDropr integrates with all your favorite platforms for seamless content creation! This is one web content writer you don’t want to pass up.

Get the conversion and user engagement results you’re looking for in 2018, even without extensive coding knowledge.

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