Release notes | 7 October 2020

Have you ever organized a giveaway for your customers? 

When you organize an interesting giveaway, you can improve many aspects of your business, and we are not talking only about sales, but also social media exposure, a number of leads, or increased customer loyalty.

In our latest release notes, we are presenting some updated and some new features that can potentially help you run a successful online competition. Also, read in detail how to do it in our latest blog post.

Improve File upload Widget

Remember how we made attaching files to the forms you provide on your website possible last month? Well, we have some improvements regarding this feature already.

From now on you will be able to have custom text on the Submit button. Why is this important you may wonder? First of all, let’s drop some ideas on how to use this. There are Holidays just around the corner, we are approaching fast to Halloween as well Black Friday and Christmas, so what are your plans? Can you maybe organize a giveaway for your customers? If you need them to submit something by pressing the button, you can write something funny on it, write something in regards to the Holiday, or simply wish them luck!

How about this, from now on all submissions can come directly to your e-mail! So, if you post an ad for a job in your company via forms, you can receive all the applications directly on your phone. This can really be a game-changer, as you don’t want any of those good candidates to look any further!

New Buy Now Widget

Great news in this department! Buying your products has become so easy and straightforward as we added the Buy now button right bellow the product. 

Your customers don’t even need to even leave the product page to select a quantity and move on to enter purchasing details. Pretty sweet right?

Useful reading material

With an everchanging and evolving e-commerce business, our consumers are also evolving and becoming more demanding.  Anywhere you look, you are seeing ads and offers with something that is being gifted to consumers. We are taking free shipping, free samples, free goods, free giveaway, free returns… free free free!

Now that we are aware of people’s desire to get something for free, what can we do about it? We can definitely achieve some of our business goals by giving our customers exactly what they like. Learn how to create a viral online competition in our latest blog post!
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