Create, edit, and design beautiful pages without shortcodes.

Just drag and drop with these integrations.

Chrome extension

Edit your pages, blogs, products or any content instantly. Browse your website, find the page you want to edit and just click the Chrome extension button to edit that content. That easy!

Magento 1 & Magento 2

Seamlessly integrates with Magento, allowing you to build or edit your Magento pages, products or blogs easily by simply dragging and dropping.

*Adobe (Owner of Magento brand) has discontinued support for Magento 1, so you will not be able to find DragDropr Magento 1 plugin on their site. But, you can download it safely from our Website. Our Magento 1 plugin is supporting all Magento 1 releases.


Powerful WordPress plugin to build any content for your WP website or blog. Create, edit, and design beautiful WordPress pages, blog posts, or custom post types without any coding - just drag and drop.


Create and customize your products and product pages easily. DragDropr seamlessly integrates with Lightspeed giving you the option to easily build content for your shop within a visual drag&drop editor.


Improve your sales by creating better content! Integrate DragDropr with your Shopify shop and build the products and pages for your shop easily by dragging and dropping.