How To Do B2B Keyword Research

Table of Contents Paid search leadsKeywords and ad copy relevanceKeywords that are B2B & B2CKeywords that are only B2BB2C Negative keywordsWrap-up Business-to-Business (B2B) companies often feel SEO is not suited to their business model uncertainty around the return on investment. B2B companies are looking to secure as many leads as possible, which they can actively […]

What’s a buyer persona and how it improves conversions?

What’s a buyer persona?  It’s a fictionalized representation of your ideal customer. If you don’t have customers or an audience already, create a persona to help you. This helps you attract customers. The information listed below is a good starting point: * Age  * Location  * Family size  * Education level * Industry  * Job […]

8 Foolproof SEO Hacks for Your Website

Table of Contents List your business on GoogleOptimize for long tail keywordsCreate SEO-friendly URLsOptimize meta descriptionsOptimize titles for SEOAdd alt descriptions to imagesBrand your business on social media Track your progress Want better search engine rankings, more traffic to your website and more business but know nothing about SEO? Here are 8 foolproof hacks you can […]

The Ultimate Guide To Make A High Converting Landing Page

Table of Contents Step 1: Know Your Landing PagesStep 2: Choose A Reliable PluginStep 3: Structure Your PagesStep 4: Create Unique ContentStep 5: Include Appealing VisualsStep 6: Add A Call To ActionStep 7: Make It Multilingual Landing pages are a great marketing tool. They help you achieve a certain aim that other pages on your […]

Boost Conversion with Landing Pages like Never Before

Have you ever cared about the front-line view of your online store? I am talking about the landing pages; those when created right gives your business a fair chance to generate leads. However, we have already surpassed the era when creating a blog or newsletter record was enough to get you leads.  I am sure […]

Gill Andrews Interview: Website Optimization Tips & Tricks

In today’s digital age, your website is your digital storefront. – it’s what new visitors evaluate in order to determine whether they want to buy something from you.  According to a recent study published by Sweor, it only takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website. In addition, 38% of people […]

web design basics

Building web pages, how to start

You have great ideas about a new blog or eCommerce business? You want to offer value to your readers or customers? The only thing you need is an amazing website. Furthermore, you are ambitious to create it on your own, even better! It’s clear. You must learn web design basics if you want to put […]

4 Amazing Landing Page Examples for Higher Conversions

When it comes to creating the best landing pages, businesses should find the perfect combination of elements to capture their potential customer’s attention and get them to take a trip down conversion lane. Since modern consumers are frequently distracted by homepages, the need for well-crafted landing pages that focus on a single CTA and are […]

Why Young Businesses Should Invest In SEO From Day One

According to a recent study by Hubspot, organic search equates to 94% of all web traffic, and the first position in Google accounts for 34.36% click-through-rate on desktop and 35% for mobile. If you are a new entrepreneur with a freshly built website, it can be hard to get any traction with Google in the […]

Creating sales pages for teaching platforms: An Easy way to do it like professionals

“ I can do the things that are not even possible with built-in tools on DragDropr. I can design just by dragging and dropping and then I can get the code.” Peter Jackson It is well known that sales pages are of utmost importance when it comes to conversions. is huge platform with many […]